Sam Breary

Sam is a 3 time world champion, triple European champion and multiple national champion. He has been there himself. He has mentored and supported world class athletes for years, as well as coached internationally winning teams for over a decade.

Sam’s life and entire career has been focused on sport. After postponing his own Olympic ambitions, he worked on the Olympic legacy for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Sam has not only performed on the international stage time and time again, he has a great record of developing businesses and teams, he understands both sport and business, he even studied a Master degree in Sport Management. Outside of work and sport, Sam dedicates his time to various charities supporting young people in Britain.

Having founded Metis Athlete Management after he retired his own Olympic journey, Sam has helped athletes to win international medals, represent their countries, sign TV contracts, book deals, sponsorship agreements, ambassadorial opportunities, sign for professional sports teams and increase positive exposure.