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Metis Athlete Management is designed for athletes, by athletes. We understand what it takes to win because we have our own World Titles, National Records and Olympic medals. MAM works with Olympians, Paralympians, and professional athletes in addition to National level youth and junior athletes.

We believe that athletes should be supported throughout their career, regardless of which sport they excel in. One of our goals is to help develop those in possession of skill sets that are often underrepresented, including Paralympic sport.

Everyone on #teamMAM competed at the highest level in their sports and as a result we are passionate about helping the next wave of athletes reach their potential. Not only do we support athletes in their day to day lives, we handle sponsorship acquisition, marketing, public appearances, and diary management.

By working with our partners and elite peer groups, we have a purely athlete-driven approach. We work with each of our Titans to develop their path to success, ensuring high performance on the world stage.

World Championship Golds/Records
European Medals
National Titles
Athletes Supported

Ali Jawad

Paralympic Powerlifter

  • 2010 Commonwealth Athlete
  • 4th 2012 London Paralympic Games
  • 2014 World Champion
  • 2 World Records
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games Bronze
  • 2015 European Champion
  • 2016 Paralympic Silver medal
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Bronze
All Athletes
Metis is not solely a management company, they put their athletes first. Their integrity and work ethic relates to how I conduct myself in a world class environment.

They go above and beyond to not only allow me to achieve sporting dreams but grow as a person. Thank you for being part of my journey.
American Football

Akeem Foster

Wide Reciever

  • CFL Grey Cup Winner
  • Drafted 25th in the CFL draft
  • First team all Australia
  • Rookie of the year 2009/10
  • All Canadian 1st Team
  • 6TDs in Rookie season
All Athletes
There is no better feeling as an athlete to know that someone has your back and is working just as hard as you are to reach your goals... I love working with Sam because he believes in my dream as much as I do.
American Football

Augie Stevens

Head Coach

  • 4 seasons as US college coach
  • 2 seasons as US High School Head Coach
  • 6 years professional scout
  • 3 years as US High School assistant coach
  • 1 season as Head Coach in Europe
  • 5 years professional playing
All Athletes
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