At Metis, supporting the Olympic and Paralympic sports is important to our company values. With so many of our team having campaigned for the Olympics, and/or been to the Olympics, we know the struggles and difficulties athletes can face. Making us perfectly suited to support athletes along the way.

Metis Athletes have already represented MAM at the Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, European Championships and World Championships. Winning medals along the way!


Ali Jawad

Paralympic Powerlifter

  • 2010 Commonwealth Athlete
  • 4th 2012 London Paralympic Games
  • 2014 World Champion
  • 2 World Records
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games Bronze
  • 2015 European Champion
  • 2016 Paralympic Silver medal
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Bronze
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Ali moved to the UK at 6 months old from Lebanon. Living in Leeds he previously competed internationally in Judo. In 2009, Ali was diagnosed with incurable inflammatory bowel disease. Due to this illness, he retired from sport.

In 2010 Ali’s career and life was invigorated when he underwent life saving surgery. Just 4 months later, Ali finished 5th at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Ali went on to develop and improve within power lifting, finishing 4th at the London Paraylmpic Games due to a judging error. In one year, he became World Champion, broke the World Record twice, and won a Commonwealth Games Bronze mdeal.

Ali came home from Rio 2016 with a Silver medal and a renewed determination to compete in Tokyo 2020, and we can’t think of anyone who deserved it more. After setting a world first in Rio as a Chrons sufferer, Ali won his second Commonwealth Games medal at the 2018 Games in Australia, showing regardless the weight category, Ali Jawad is a force to be reckoned with on the platform!


Keith Atkinson


  • 15 x National Champion
  • Vice World Champion U22
  • Vice World Champion Lightweight div
  • BBC Watersports Personality Winner
  • Euro Cup Winner
  • World Formula Windsurfing Ranked 4th
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An energetic and very personable champion. Britains Keith Atkinson is extremely ambitious and an incredibly motivated athlete. He’s extremely proactive, embraces the outdoor lifestyle and is a positive ambassador and role model for young people. Taught to windsurf by his Father, who started himself just one month after Keith was born. You could say that Keith has literally been on the beach and around the sport from birth. 

The love for watersports runs in the family. He gained inspiration and hunger for competition and success from his older sister, a very high performing Swimmer. He quickly progressed to UK national events and at 15 years old competed in his first full season at UK National level. At 16 saw the jump to International level competition, and at 17 started as a full-time Windsurfing competitor, entering the worlds biggest events, such as European Championships and World Championship events and Euro Cup Series.

He has developed his skills over many years and became one of the worlds highest ranked Windsurf racers in Formula Windsurfing. In 2006, he reached the incredible World Ranking of 4th, achieving fantastic results including a victory at the prestigious Euro Cup event in Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland, beating the worlds best windsurfers. 

Keith has won numerous Sports Personality Awards including the prestigious BBC Watersports Personality of the Year, in addition, he has met and dined with the Queen and Prince Philip for the Golden Jubilee.


Khairil Ridhwan

Short Track Speed Skater

  • GOLD 500m Asian Championships 2019
  • GOLD 1,000m Asian Championships 2019
  • GOLD 1,500m Asian Championships 2019
  • GOLD 3,000m SEA Games 2017
  • SILVER 1,000m SEA Games Selection 2017
  • BRONZE 1,500m SEA Games Selection 2017
  • GOLD 500m Asian Championship
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Khairil started his journey at the age of 5 after his father took him ice skating. In May 2013 he took his first ever short track speed skating lesson. This spurred him on to start competing nationally, aged 13, winning his first National Championship in Singapore.

Khairil has always had a passion and love for winter sports, especially short track speed skating. His dream, to compete at the Winter Olympics Games in Beijing 2022.

His coach he describes as a second father, helping not only increase his skill but guide him through the journey of professional sport, something Team MAM are hugely excited to support and help.

If Khairil qualifies for the 2020 Winter Olympics, he will continue MAMs tradition of excellence and world record breaking feats! Don’t just watch this space, watch Khairil make history!


Yona Knight-Wsidom


  • Rio 2016 Olympic Games
  • Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • World Cup Silver Medal
  • Jamaica's first ever male Commonwealth Diving competitor
  • Jamaica's first ever male Olympic Diver
  • Leeds Beckett University Sports Personality of the year 2016
  • First ever Olympic male diver from any Caribbean nation
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Yona is the definition of an inspiration, making world history again and again and again.

This Jamaican diving legend began his career in 2004 after watching the Athens Olympics on TV. Standing at 190cm and weighing 90kg, Yona knew he would make a splash, in more than one way!

A decade later, Yona suited up at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, making him Jamaica’s first ever male commonwealth diving competitor. His first history making achievement. He finished 5th in the 1m springboard.

In 2016 he competed at the FINA diving World Cup, qualifying for the semi finals and in doing so, qualified for the 2016 Olympic Games, becoming Jamaica’s first ever male Olympic diver, as well as the first male diver from any Caribbean nation. Make that world history number 2 and 3 for Knight-Wisdom.

YKW is now training hard ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – what world history will he make next…?

Metis is designed to support under represented and extreme sports. We manage a range of extreme and bespoke sports, including; Stunt Sky Diving, Aerial performances, Offshore sailing, Sports boat racing, MMA and more.

These members of the MAM family are the most daring and adventurous athletes, regularly putting their bodies and their lives on the line in the pursuit of glory.

Extreme Sports


Sports Boat Sailing Team

  • 2 x Gold - Ukraine National Championships
  • Silver - British National Championships
  • Silver - Portuguese National Championships
  • Silver - British Sprint Championships
  • Bronze - Belgium and Dutch National Championship
  • 12th World Championships
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#GameChanger is a sailing team based in Ukraine, racing internationally with a unique and visionary set of goals.

Founded by revolution veteran and international award winning lawyer Julia, the team was created to push the limits of what society has deemed achievable. Aged 32 and with no previous sailing experience, Julia, who has always loved the water and the idea of sailing, set the aims of wanting to win an international title in sailing. Connecting the world through yacht clubs and common goals. As well as expanding and developing sailing in Ukraine. With the majority of the world calling her crazy, she set up #GameChanger.

Partnering with previous cadet and 470 sailor Semen, she turned to the Sports Boat.

Fast forward just 12 months and the team (who can’t sail in Ukraine in the winter because it freezes), have forged a strong relationship with Clube Naval de Cascais to train and race during the colder months, and travelled to the United Kingdom to race against 79 other teams who have been sailing for decades, and the world championships. With Julia on the helm, a team of 3 amateur sailors supported by 1 pro, the team finished an incredible 12th overall….. after just 1 year of sailing. A remarkable feat!

The team went on to win the national title in Ukraine, as well as other events in Portugal. The team went on to take the next brave step and set up as a fully amateur, 100% Ukrainian team. Having already built bridges with clubs in Cascais, Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes, UK, they competed in the European Championships at the Royal Irish Yacht Club. They went on to win silver at the British sprint series and then silver at the British national championships, making it a trio of silver medals at the Portuguese national championships, before winning bronze at the Belgian national championships, and finishing with silver at the Ukrainian national championships. 5 medals from 5 events after just 2.5 years sailing, and just a few months as an all Ukrainian, amateur team.

Outside of their own sailing, Julia and the team have helped legally reform the Ukrainian sailing federation, have had representatives on the board, created the first annual calendar for sailing in Ukraine, have installed a new launching ramp to support junior sailing at the local club, increased the number of regular teams sailing in Ukraine, donated boats to junior sailors and even supported some of the Ukrainian Olympic sailors to get to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Finally, Julia has been invited to sit on the SB20 world council, representing Ukraine at an international level.

Quite the program, while also being the youngest partner in Ukraine at a major law firm, setting up and running your own law firm, winning various European Legal awards every year, being ranked as one of the top business women in the world, and working on multiple continents.

We are hugely excited and proud to be able to support and work with the whole #GameChanger Sailing Team!

Extreme Sports

Sophie Newnes


  • 3x Gold medalist – World Martial Arts Champion
  • 3 x Silver medalist – world Martial Arts Champion
  • 16 x National Champion
  • Birmingham Ladies FC
  • Coventry Senior Ladies FC
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A blonde bombshell on the outside, a unstoppable force in the octagon. Sophie was born and raised in Birmingham, Sophie was inspired by the power rangers (specifically Jason), she started training in contact sport. Her lifelong coach was a key player in bringing mixed martial arts (MMA) to the UK and this has driven Sophie’s passion to become a successful MMA fighter.

Sophie has won medals in both Judo and Jujitsu, winning the World Martial Arts Championships in 2010. Her career took a step backwards when she had to undergo surgery to both knees, but she is now back on the road to glory, training and fighting harder than ever.

Under estimate Sophie at your own peril! We are so pleased and proud to have Sophie with the MAM family, showing the world just how incredible female athletes can be!

Extreme Sports

Vojtech Tuma

Ice Hockey

  • 2019 - Czech Republic Champion
  • 2020 - Most productive junior
  • 2019/20 Playoffs
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Vojtech is a young, 18 year old, dynamic and rapidly developing Ice Hockey star from the Czech Republic.

Standing at 6ft 4″, he is a towering presence on the ice, dominating those around him. His first season was in the U16 team at HC Slovan  Usti nad Labem, where he dominated. In 36 games he scored 14 goals, achieved 13 assists.

Vojtech’s latest performances on the ice have been for HC Decin, where he developed through the U20 side and quickly into the senior team. He’s played 39 games, scored 3 goals, shown his team mentality with 10 assists and only 28 penalty minutes.

Hockey has been in his blood from an early age, relieving his first ever stick before even leaving the maternity ward. Aged 4, his dad took him to a local ice rink where his career accelerated, and the hockey DNA was etched in and irreversible.

American Football is one of the fastest growing sports across Europe, and the most successful in America. With the NFL expanding further and further into Europe, the CFL recruiting from Europe and specifically drafting European players into rosters, now id the time for players to shine!

We represent a range of players, positions and coaches all pursuing a career in one of the most dynamic sports on the planet.

American Football

Akeem Foster

Wide Reciever

  • CFL Grey Cup Winner
  • Drafted 25th in the CFL draft
  • First team all Australia
  • Rookie of the year 2009/10
  • All Canadian 1st Team
  • 6TDs in Rookie season
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Akeem Foster is a CFL Champion and trophy winning master! Drafted 25th overall in the Canadian Football League draft, in 2010, Akeem won the Grey Cup in his second season. Standing at 6ft 3” (1.88cm), Foster is the guy you go to in the clutch! When the game is on the lines, MR88 will make the play.

His experience goes hand in hand with his phenomenal skill set, dedication, drive, passion, love of the game, and most importantly the constant striving to be better.

Akeem is ready to step onto the field and play, he brings his team mates along with him, rising the entire locker room, a natural leader, it’s only a matter of time before Foster wins another major trophy!

American Football

Ash Bailey


  • 2019 Czech Republic Champions
  • 2019 League Winners
  • Team Captain Algarve Sharks
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Ash started playing American Football aged 15 for a youth team in Britain. He was quickly named team captain and awarded offensive MVP (Most Valuable Player).

The following season, playing with those 3 years his senior, Ash scored 20 TDs to top the league in scoring, leading his team to a perfect, unbeaten season, earning a spot at the national finals. Ash went to university where he was a backup QB, spending time learning and developing his game.

Ash played QB for the London Blitz jr, again being the highest scorer, topping the TD table. Losing in the semifinals was tough, but a learning experience for Ash, who joined the Hurricanes the following season.

Impressed with his developing game, and versatile skill set, Ash was signed as WR and back up QB for the Pribram Bobcats in the Czech Republic, starting every game and scoring TDs in them all.

The Algarve Sharks in Portugal moved quickly to grab this great player, naming him captain in the 17/18 season, where Ash led them to be ranked number 1 with a perfect record of 5-0 to start the season. Unfortunately injuries meant his season was cut short with an impressive stat sheet: 74 of 93, 17 TDs and just 2 INTs.

The 2018 season saw Ash returning to the Czech Republic, where he signed for the Hradec Kralove Dragons. A further sign of this player developing his game, was when he was officially invited to Great Britain National Team Training as a WR, preparing for selections to the European Championships in August 18.

The 2019 Season and it was Prague Lions who snapped Ash up, having a hugely successful season, steered by Ash, the team won the league! Over the winter Ash is off to Spain with the Barbera Rookies.

American Football

Augie Stevens

Head Coach

  • 4 seasons as US college coach
  • 2 seasons as US High School Head Coach
  • 6 years professional scout
  • 3 years as US High School assistant coach
  • 1 season as Head Coach in Europe
  • 5 years professional playing
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Coach Stevens has been coaching football for 13 seasons already, including 4 at a college level. With experience coaching in both America and Europe, he has a long standing profile of playoff runs, championship runs, high scoring offenses, recording setting players and many more successes. With experience in specific position coaching of running backs, Defensive Line, Tight Ends, Punt Returners, Linebackers, Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs, coach Stevens is the perfect guy to lead your team.

Coaching also brings a wealth of knowledge across other key discaplines such as being an experienced Strength and Conditioning coordinator, videographer, he designs marketing materials, has experience in successfully recruiting, has served as VP on the board of a team and much more. Coach Steven’s versatility and range of experience makes him the perfect candidate for any head coaching job. He has the ability to turn around teams sliding downwards, and the experience to guide teams to league titles, bowl titles and championships.

We are so proud to be working with an incredible guy, who has a real passion for football and developing players.

American Football

Teddi Olafsson

Wide Receiver

  • 85% + catch ratio
  • 7 TDs in 5 games 2019
  • Over 500 yards in rookie season
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Teddi is a 6ft 3” (1.88cm) touch down machine from Iceland. His height in combination with his large catch radius, 90kg of power and raw pace makes Teddi the perfect red zone threat, deep ball threat and scoring monster. Similar in style to Julio Jones, Teddi has an amazing career ahead of him.

At just 18 years old, Teddi already exudes the professionalism of a seasoned pro, with dedication, drive, passion, resilience and a humbleness that will take him a long way.

Close to 100% catch record, endless TDs, and the yards adding up quicker than we can count, Teddi will add a dynamic, play making ability to any offense.

We are so pleased to be able to help guide, support and be at the forefront of Teddi’s career as he takes on the world! We know he will do us proud.