At Metis, supporting the Olympic and Paralympic sports is important to our company values. With so many of our team having campaigned for the Olympics, and/or been to the Olympics, we know the struggles and difficulties athletes can face. Making us perfectly suited to support athletes along the way.

Metis Athletes have already represented MAM at the Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, European Championships and World Championships. Winning medals along the way!

Metis is designed to support under represented and extreme sports. We manage a range of extreme and bespoke sports, including; Stunt Sky Diving, Aerial performances, Offshore sailing, Sports boat racing, MMA and more.

These members of the MAM family are the most daring and adventurous athletes, regularly putting their bodies and their lives on the line in the pursuit of glory.

American Football is one of the fastest growing sports across Europe, and the most successful in America. With the NFL expanding further and further into Europe, the CFL recruiting from Europe and specifically drafting European players into rosters, now id the time for players to shine!

We represent a range of players, positions and coaches all pursuing a career in one of the most dynamic sports on the planet.