Akeem Foster

Wide Reciever

  • CFL Grey Cup Winner
  • Drafted 25th in the CFL draft
  • First team all Australia
  • Rookie of the year 2009/10
  • All Canadian 1st Team
  • 6TDs in Rookie season

Akeem Foster is a CFL Champion and trophy winning master! Drafted 25th overall in the Canadian Football League draft, in 2010, Akeem won the Grey Cup in his second season. Standing at 6ft 3” (1.88cm), Foster is the guy you go to in the clutch! When the game is on the lines, MR88 will make the play.

His experience goes hand in hand with his phenomenal skill set, dedication, drive, passion, love of the game, and most importantly the constant striving to be better.

Akeem is ready to step onto the field and play, he brings his team mates along with him, rising the entire locker room, a natural leader, it’s only a matter of time before Foster wins another major trophy!